15 brutal (but kind of funny) breakup texts

A word to the wise: never break up via text. Ever.

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  • Breakups are a sensitive subject. They hurt. They're uncomfortable. They're sad. ... Unless you're one of these brutal people who really set a new low with these painful breakup texts. They seem to be enjoying it a little too much.

  • 1. Ouch, that hurts

  • 2. Denial

  • 😂 #boyfriend #breakup #breakuptext #dying

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  • 3. The one time autocorrect fails

  • 4. This takes a breakup via text to an all new low

  • 5. This could have been more tactful

  • 6. Relentless

  • 7. Bad timing

  • 8. "ily" usually means "I love you"

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  • 9. A savage comeback

  • "That's why I liked you" #MessageMeNot #breakuptexts

    A photo posted by Message Me Not (@messagemenot) on

  • 10. At least there was a great pun involved

  • That's great

    A photo posted by What About This¿ (@what_about_this) on

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  • 11. He might have been a little overbearing

  • #SomethingYouDontLike #BreakUp #fmsphotoaday #photoaday #february18 #late #tryingtocatchup #breakuptext #breakuptexts

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  • 12. More bad timing

  • Well that's awkward #breakuptexts

    A photo posted by Best Break Up Texts (@breakup_central) on

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  • 13. Coincidence?

  • 14. He had this coming

  • 15. His execution was flawed

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