Chinese swimmer breaks taboo and talks about her period at the Olympics

Chinese Olympic swimmer Fu Yuanhui breaks taboo and talks about her period on national television.

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  • At the Rio 2016 Olympics, Chinese Olympic swimmer, Fu Yuanhui, breaks taboo by openly discussing the effects having a period can have on a girl's physical performance.

  • In the final round of the 4x100 relay, Yuanhui as well as her teammates pushed themselves to the limits, but unfortunately came in fourth place, just seconds shy of an Olympic medal.

  • Moments after the results were posted, Yuanhui crouched to the ground holding her stomach in obvious pain. After a minute to recuperate she rose to tell the reporter, "I feel I didn't swim well today. I let my teammates down because my period came yesterday. I'm feeling a bit weak, but this is not an excuse."

  • Her candid and genuine response to her performance has thousands rallying behind the brave woman who dared to say what too many keep silent.

  • A startling statistic from Always reveals 7 out of 10 young girls feel as if they do not belong in sports because of their sexuality.

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  • In a society scared to discuss the effects and functions of the female reproductive system, Yuanhui has been a strong source of female empowerment that young female athletes can look up to.

  • #Likeagirl

  • How many times have you heard someone say, "You run like a girl"? It is a statement that has significant impact on young women as they navigate the slippery stepping-stones of maturing from a little girl to a young woman.

  • According to the most recent Always Confidence & Puberty Survey, half of all the girls surveyed quit sports they once enjoyed playing because of puberty.

  • Sports are crucial in helping young females develop and maintain self-confidence. In a recent2015 U.S. consumer data study, results confirmed women aged 18 to 24 are twice as likely to be more confident if they continued to play sports regularly than those who quit or never played at all.

  • Our society needs to tackle this currently silent issue of females being told at a young age there are reasons why they can't play sports. Always is inviting everyone to rewrite the rules and give support to females.

  • Watch the empowering video below and share the message with all your friends. Just as Fu Yuanhui dared to speak out, let your own unique voice be heard.

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