17 funny parenting tweets that will bring a smile to every mom and dad's face

Sometimes it's just better to laugh instead of cry.

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  • Parenting is an experience unlike any other. While raising kids, you never quite know what's going to happen from day to day-or even from hour to hour.

  • Fortunately, the internet and social media allow us to capture some of the funny, awkward or downright weird situations that only moms and dads can truly relate to. These 17 tweets will bring a smile to every parent's face, no matter how sleep deprived you are:

  • 1. The cardinal sin

  • 2. Fear tactics

  • 3. Lofty life goals

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  • 4. You can't make more than the boss

  • 5. Whatever works

  • 6. Rage cleaning

  • 7. Practice makes perfect

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  • 8. American Ninja Warrior: Kid's Edition

  • 9. One day Olivia will have her vengeance

  • 10. Kids in 2016

  • 11. When dads do hair

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  • 12. The thought of every empty nester

  • 13. What a successful day looks like for your average mom

  • 15. Breakfast of champions

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  • 16. Making daddy proud

  • 14. "Please mom, NOOOOO!"

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