21 hilarious tweets about married life

From not remembering what your last name is, to picking up milk on date night.

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  • Adjusting to marriage takes time and the hilarious awkward moments that follow the wedding can be completely hilarious and unimaginable.

  • Here are 21 tweets about what newlywed life can be like:

  • 1. When you miss them the second they leave

  • 2. When you forget what your name is

  • 3. Those thank you notes never seem to end

  • 4. When you have to get creative with your furniture

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  • 5. A case of mistaken identity

  • 6. When sleeping in the same bed isn't all that it's cracked up to be

  • 7. A bun in the oven?

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  • 8. A new title

  • 9. Important decisions

  • 10. When breakfast becomes a scavenger hunt

  • 11. Snoring. Enough said

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  • 12. The toilet seat problem

  • 13. This well thought-out excuse

  • 14. Grocery shopping can count as a date

  • 15. When you laugh at each other's bad decisions

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  • 16. Awkward phone calls from mom

  • 17. Those regrets from years before

  • 18. When they sniff out your secret stash of sweets

  • 19. The cute things he does

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  • 20. Your zombie apocalypse partner

  • 21. It's all about perception

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