27 hilarious responses to texts from the wrong number

So, so funny 😂 😂 😂 .

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  • These are just golden. Have a good laugh and don't forget to have a little fun the next time you get a message from an unknown number.

  • 1. These guys really went the distance (make sure to click the 'Next' button)

  • 2. How the tables have turned

  • 3. Oh, Wendy

  • 4. What, you've never met a grill before?

  • 5. A masterful response

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  • 6. That's just mean

  • 7. Ken is always down for a good party

  • 8. If you don't get the reference, click here

  • 9. Why did they even have that picture?

  • 10. Well this is awkward

  • 11. Everybody deserves a little love

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  • 12. You can't just back out of a cheesecake offer

  • 13. Jessica, what happened to you?

  • 14. Another reference - click here

  • 15. When you get more than you bargained for

  • 16. Wendy, you jokester, you

  • 17. She sounds hideous

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  • 18. A parent's worst nightmare

  • 19. Congratulations, though

  • 20. This is not the standard text conversation

  • 21. When you send your graduation photo to the wrong number

  • 22. Or your squad selfie

  • 23. I think it looks nice

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  • 24. The implications of that photo are horrifying

  • 25. Poor Tae soo

  • 26. I want to be friends with these people (make sure to click the 'Next' button)

  • 27. Oh Wendy, you're just too funny

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