20 hilarious texts between husbands & wives

I want to be best friends with these couples.

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  • Your spouse - that one person you're so comfortable with that you can have conversations like these and not think twice about it. Enjoy.

  • 1. You'll be fiiine

  • #marriagetexts

    A photo posted by Chris St. John (@castjohn) on

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  • 2. Well, we know who wears the pants in the relationship

  • 3. Thanks for the update

  • #husbandtexts 😭

    A photo posted by Kye Martin (@kyemartin) on

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  • 4. So that's why it's always clogged

  • To send or not to send....

    A photo posted by Ashley Gorman (@ashmarvgorman) on

  • 5. When you've been watching too much T.V

  • Green=me; white=Brian. Can you tell what we've been watching? #marriagetexts

    A photo posted by stephrk_ (@stephrk_) on

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  • 6. Sometimes a picture says a thousand words

  • 7. That might help

  • #husbandtexts #dadjoke #jerksauce

    A photo posted by As you wish (@dreadpirateautumn) on

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  • 8. It's the thought that counts

  • Ahh, true love at its finest right there! πŸ˜‰#husbandtexts

    A photo posted by Heather Greenwood (@yourheatherness) on

  • 9. Rejected

  • Married life problems. #canyounot #hubby #husbandtexts #nothankyou #love

    A photo posted by Jeska (@jeskaann) on

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  • 10. Well, that's hilarious

  • She's still figuring out her new iPhone. #Funny #WifeTexts

    A photo posted by Neil Hiatt (@neilhiatt) on

  • 11. Or should I say, hecklarious

  • We're hecklarious. #marriedlife #typos #husbandtexts

    A photo posted by Heather Grace (@zookheather) on

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  • 12. Gotta pump that iron

  • Lol. My husband is a dork. I seriously laughed out loud tho. #funnytexts #humor #husbandtexts #silly

    A photo posted by Christa πŸ’• (@crittr12) on

  • 13. There will be payback

  • I think I should've kept it going for a while.... #imCruel #iFounditAmusing #iCantBelieveHeFellForit #husbandTexts #haha

    A photo posted by Angela Apodaca (@just_an_apodaca) on

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  • 14. What ... is happening?

  • Isn't this how all great ideas start? #husbandtexts #simpsons

    A photo posted by Nmrasek (@nmrasek) on

  • 15. Protective, much?

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  • 16. Everyone is thinking it

  • Wednesdaze #husbandtexts πŸ•šπŸ·πŸ’› #bacon #text @rayowl (this is the kind of thing I get while I'm on the #elliptical )

    A photo posted by ☁Heady ☁ Pardew☁ (@heady) on

  • 17. When you're WAY too comfortable with each other

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  • 18. She's got jokes

  • Be jelly. #wifetexts #lol

    A photo posted by Lauren Everhard (@laurainn) on

  • 19. She's going to remember this forever

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  • 20. Smart man

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