17 reasons why a seaside vacation is a terrible idea

How does playing in a deep, unbreathable liquid full of man-eating monsters sound like a good idea?

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  • Some people claim I'm thalassophobic (fear of the ocean), and there may be a little truth to that, but I assure you that it in no wayaffects the logic of this list 😉.

  • 1. First, and most importantly, it's infested with horrifying man/woman- eating monsters called SHARKS!

  • 2. Let me tell you something. Sharks can BREATH underwater. Humans cannot. Trust me, I've tried.

  • 3. And if the sharks don't get you - riptide will

  • 4. Casual waves can seriously injure you

  • 5. One word: Tsunami. Need I say more?

  • 6. When you think about it, the ocean is like a giant community bathtub

  • 7. ... or bathroom

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  • 8. Not to mention the fact that sand gets EVERYWHERE

  • 9. And it sure can get hot!

  • 10. ....When you're swimming and something brushes against your foot

  • 11. You know what lives in oceans? These things

  • 12. Water activities in general are just dangerous

  • 13. I mean, waterskiing is great ... until you crash

  • 14. There's always that terrifying feeling of not being able to see what's underneath you.

  • 15. Or that moment when you catch a fleeting glance of something in the murky water

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  • 16. You're cheating death every time you make it back onto the beach

  • 17. For your next vacation, try going somewhere a little more exciting, and a lot safer

  • OK, you've heard enough from me. What do youthink? Tell us about your seaside experiences:

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