12 powerful texts to send your kids

No matter how 'cool' they pretend to be, they want to hear these 12 things.

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  • We often hear that texting your spouse is a small way to show your appreciation for them. The simple "I love you" or "I miss you" messages can do wonders to your relationship. It reminds you that they still care, even when they may be busy or distracted.

  • But who says this is only true for your relationship with your spouse? Why not your children?

  • It doesn't matter how old your kids are, they likely have a cell phone. Don't worry, a 10 year-old with a cell phone is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a very useful tool for anyone at any age. But why don't you use this tool to remind them how much you love them?

  • Here are 12 texts to send your kids in the next 10 days! Hopefully these examples inspire you to say what you always wanted to say but never knew how.

  • 1. "I love you, no mater what."

  • 2. "You're an incredible young man/young women. I'm so proud of you."

  • 3. "I'm your biggest fan!"

  • 4. "You handled that situation very well. I am so impressed."

  • 5. "What a great gift God has given you. Treasure it well."

  • 6. "Just thinking of you."

  • 7. "My favorite memory with you was.."

  • 8. "Give me a call. I just want to chat with you."

  • 9. "You have grown a lot this past year. You are going to make a great mother/father one day."

  • 10. "You make me smile. Everyday."

  • 11. "I know you are having a bad day, so I just wanted to send you this video of a cat. It's pretty cute."

  • 12. "No matter what you do, your mother and I will always love you. Always."

  • It doesn't have to be everyday, but a random text of love and appreciation can boost their self-esteem more than you may realize. My parents text me every once in a while expressing their love for me and it makes me feel so good every time; Don't underestimate the power of the written word.

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