You’re gonna wish you had thought of these incredibly cute baby names first

Is your baby's name on the list?

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  • It seems like the crazier the baby name is, the more people love it! Traditional names like Emily, Susan, Chris and John are just not cutting it anymore.

  • Take it from Nicole Richie and Joel Madden (Socialite and Musician) who named their children Harlow Winter Kate, and Sparrow James Midnight.

  • Appeal to the bandwagon and drool over some of the most gorgeous baby names that are still rare gems, including their meanings. Take them before their gone!

  • Girls

  • Amity

    • Means friendship, harmony
  • Raelyn

    • Well advised protector
  • Adelaide

    • Noble, kind
  • Danika

    • Morning star
  • Maylie

    • Resembling a wild flower
  • Allegra

    • Cheerful, lively
  • Gisele

    • Oath
  • Haven

    • Place of Safety, shelter
  • Zahara

    • Shining bright, flower
  • Nova

    • Chases butterflies
  • Boys

  • Rexton

    • Meaning lord, king, or chieftain
  • Destin

    • Fate, that for which you were meant
  • Ripley

    • Separate; uncultivated land
  • Talin

    • Talon, claw; settlement in the Armenian highlands
  • Cédric

    • King of the land
  • Broderick

    • Dependable, down to earth
  • Cyrus

    • Persian name meaning 'throne'
  • Hugo

    • Bright in mind and spirit
  • Porter

    • Gatekeeper
  • Winston

    • Joy stone

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