7 signs it’s time to walk away (even if you love him)

Sometimes the very best thing to do is walk away.

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  • Are you in a relationship that constantly leaves you questioning if you will survive another day? Do you feel unappreciated and unloved by your partner? Do you feel like it might be time to move on?

  • Moving on can seem impossible and terrifying in the moment, but toxic relationships that do not build self-esteem and flourish with love are not worth fostering and developing.

  • "You did not get into your relationship to be treated poorly, ignored, or abandoned," says psychologist Jeffrey Bernstein. "Being abused or denigrated, subjected to reckless spending, deprived of a sex life, or forced to put up with problematic, immature behavior is not healthy for you."

  • Look for the following signs in your current relationship and determine if it is time for you to move on and find happiness elsewhere.

  • 1. You dwell on the past more than the present

  • Think about your current relationship. Do you dwell and reminisce on current and future happiness or past euphoric memories more? Fueling your relationship with past happiness will inevitably run your relationship out of future happiness. If you cannot see a possible future or have a lack of desire to invest in creating future happiness, move on.

  • 2. You have to defend your feelings

  • Ever feel like you have to justify your feelings, not only to other people, but to yourself as well? This is not a good sign. Relationships built and centered on loving one another do not need justification. You know how you feel. Do not talk yourself into or out of loving someone. Embrace your emotions and act upon them appropriately.

  • 3. You are still waiting for him to change

  • People who promise they will change for you, but never do, are people you should be leery of committing long-term to. Do not believe that because they are in a relationship with you, they will change to become the person you have built up in your mind. They cannot read your mind and they cannot be your perfect person. Allow them to grow and change for themselves.

  • 4. You have to explain yourself ... all the time

  • If your partner requires you to explain every single thing you do, beware. Strong relationships require an unspoken and unwavering expectation of honesty and trust. Keep this in mind as you establish boundaries in your relationship. Do not feel like your actions and thoughts have to be explained and justified.

  • 5. There is abuse

  • No form of abuse (physical, mental, emotional) is tolerable in a relationship. If you are experiencing any form of abuse, seek help and support from loved ones and experts.

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  • 6. Addressed issues remain unchanged

  • When you have addressed issues that consistently reoccur, that is a clear sign that repairing your relationships is not a priority. If no changes occur, it may be time to cut chords and walk away. Avoid experiencing the same situation, same fight, same hurtful emotions and same outcome by trying to taking matters into your own hands.

  • 7. Fundamental values are disrespected

  • Disrespect and resentment for your values or core religious beliefs is a sign your relationship is not healthy. A strong relationship builds each other up and accentuates both parties for their individual thoughts, beliefs and goals. If your values are disrespected or ignored, walk away.

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