30 hilarious times quotation marks make things look super suspicious

Is that a FAT joke?! 🤔 😑 😡 .

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  • There are plenty of ways to emphasize words you think are important. You can bold them, italicize them, or even BOTH,but using quotation marks just looks really suspicious.

  • 1. Maybe just check out some reviews before you go

  • 2. Do I sense a hint of sarcasm?

  • 3. Is that a fat reference?

  • 4. Wink, wink

  • 5. Seems legit

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  • 6. I don't know what's behind that door, but don't open it

  • 7. Uh huh, sure

  • 8. There might be a good story behind this one

  • 9. The implications here could be dire

  • 10. Whatever that means

  • 11. That's ... suspicious

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  • 12. I feel anxious just looking at this

  • 13. Sure, cheese

  • 14. That shouldn't even need to be advertised

  • 15. More government propoganda

  • 16. I think I can hold it

  • 17. Quotation marks may actually be appropriate here

  • 18. There's a lot of reverse psychology going on here

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  • 19. Nope. Nope. Nope

  • 20. Don't get my hopes up

  • 21. Wait a minute, I've seen Sweeney Todd

  • 22. This could mean one of two things

  • 23. I'll take my chances

  • 24. Or it may just be one of his helpers

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  • 25. Uh huh, sure

  • 26. That's what I'd say too

  • 27. What does that mean?

  • 28. Real classy

  • 29. I'm sure they do

  • 30. Hmm. Well, they are all squiggly

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