14 legit reasons why adults are just kids with a bigger vocabulary and toilet training

Adulthood: It's a trap!

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  • Being an adult comes with all sorts of great perks, but at the end of the day the adult world is really just a fancier version of what kids go through every day. Here are 14 totally true examples to back me up:

  • 1. Kids have tantrums

  • Adults have breakdowns

  • 2. When they get in trouble, kids go to timeout

  • Adults go to jail

  • 3. Kids have chores

  • Adults have work

  • 4. Kids do what they can to earn some extra cash

  • And so do adults

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  • 5. Moms force kids to eat healthy food

  • Adults force themelseves to eat healthy because in a moment of strength, they bought it

  • 6. Kids show off to impress their crush

  • And so do adults

  • 7. Some kids are shy

  • And some adults just don't like socializing

  • 8. Kids like to pretend to be adults

  • And so do adults

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  • 9. Sometimes kids can have a short attention span ..

  • . and not much has changed

  • 10. Kids are immature

  • And at heart, so are adults

  • 11. Sometimes they don't have the best ideas

  • But neither do adults

  • 12. Kids hate Mondays because of school

  • Adults hate Mondays because of work

  • 13. You had your favorite snack as a kid

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  • And you still love it

  • 14. And whether you're a kid or an adult you turn to your mom for help

  • Some things never change. Don't forget to share this with that childlike adult you're thinking of right now.

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