23 hilariously relatable things anyone who’s ever been on a diet will understand

These are painfully (and hysterically) accurate.

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  • Dieting sucks. Some people just have a really hard time dropping weight. They try a new dieting technique every month but nothing seems to work. Why is all the good food so unhealthy? If this describes you, you'll love this list of 23 things anyone who's been on a diet will understand.

  • 1. Your family shamelessly harasses you about your weight but

  • 2. And people try to convince you that healthy food tastes better

  • 3. So you start doing research on healthier foods

  • 4. Because there are ways you could improve

  • 5. But you chicken out at the last second

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  • 6. You're trying to turn a new leaf but then they ask if you want to supersize that order

  • 7. Until finally you decide tomorrow is the day

  • 8. And you do the final purge

  • 9. After day 1 nothing has changed

  • 10. You start out strong on day 2, until you don't

  • 11. So you buy some help

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  • 12. And you try out portion control

  • 13. And you set a strict limit on your cookie intake

  • 14. And the justification begins

  • 15. You eat healthy, but aren't afraid to accessorize

  • 16. Some food becomes healthy by association

  • 17. Until your trainer catches you

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  • 18. So when your friends want you to go to Carls Jr. with them

  • 19. And you're stuck at home like

  • 20. You see people with incredible metabolisms and you're there with your broccoli like

  • 21. But finally your cheat day comes along

  • 22. You decide a diet just isn't worth it

  • 23. And the cycle starts again

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