13 things stay-at-home moms do NOT want to hear from you

Number 11 -- don't say it. Or any of these for that matter.

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  • 1. "What do you do all day?"

  • 2. "You probably get so much sleep."

  • 3. "You get to wear sweatpants all day — lucky!"

  • 4. "Your husband must have a great job."

  • 5. "Your house must be spotless."

  • 6. "Are you going to go back to work?"

  • 7. "Since you don't have a job, think you could help out with this project?"

  • 8. "I bet you make the best chocolate chip cookies."

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  • 9. "You must be bored all day."

  • 10. "I couldn't do what you do."

  • 11. "I wish I could be like you and not work."

  • 12. "Do you ever feel like you've lost yourself?"

  • 13. "Oh, so you must work out all the time."

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