12 'purrfect' quotes every cat lover will adore

These quotes "purrfectly" describe all the joy that comes from owning a cat.

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  • We love our cats. They're soft, cute, cuddly, friendly and great around kids. Yet it's sometimes hard to convey through words exactly what they mean to us, and how deeply we care for them.

  • Here are 12 quotes by individuals who perfectly captured our feelings for our feline friends:

  • 1. Our two favorite things

  • 2. Never a waste of time

  • 3. Silence is golden

  • 4. Absolute emotional honesty

  • 5. The wisest of the wise

  • 6. Deep thinkers

  • 7. Courageous creatures

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  • 8. Equal superiors

  • 9. Small masterpieces

  • 10. The greatest gift

  • 11. A cat will love you no matter what

  • 12. There is no better friend

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