12 awkward hugs that will ensure you never get a second date

The awkwardness is almost tangible.

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  • When the date ends and he walks you to your door, you know he is going to want to give you a hug (that is, if he doesn't try to plant a kiss on you first).

  • But unfortunately, there are hundreds of ways that hugs can go wrong.

  • Here are a few of them:

  • 1. The "you're too tall for this" hug

  • 2. The "I just realized how sweaty his back is" hug

  • 3. The "I'm on my phone don't touch me" hug

  • 4. The "I forget how to make human contact" hug

  • 5. The "I'd rather be anywhere else than in your arms" hug

  • 6. The "he's trying to be cute but failing epically" hug

  • 7. The "side hug of confusion"

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  • 8. The "rejected" hug

  • 9. The "bro-hug but I'm a girl, so ... " hug

  • 10. The "I'm sitting but want to hug you so I will" hug

  • 11. The "I don't know what's going on here" hug

  • 12. The "sneak up from behind" hug

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