After 21 years, this blind woman’s sight is restored by a miracle

“The restoration of Mary Ann Franco’s vision is a true miracle. I don’t have a scientific explanation for it.”

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  • Twenty years ago, Mary Ann Franco was in a severe car accident, leaving her legally blind. Recently, she took a fall in her Okeechobee home and injured her spine.

  • As she underwent surgery to repair her spine, the surgeon fixed much more than she could have ever asked for.

  • When she awoke in pain from the surgery, she asked a nurse for pain medication — and then realized she could actually see the nurse.

  • "The restoration of Mary Ann Franco's vision is a true miracle. I don't have a scientific explanation for it," Dr. John Afshar, neurosurgeon, said.

  • Many theories have been developed by a plethora of doctors, but none of them can truly explain how the miracle occurred.

  • As she is now able to see her dog, cat and beloved grandchildren for the very first time, she says that the gift can only be described as an act of God.

  • "I believe he just went ahead and gave it to me. He gave me back my sight. I really believe this with all my heart," she shared.

  • What is even more fascinating is that Franco was actually colorblind her whole life. Before her first accident, she could only see a few different colors. Today, she sees them all.

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