These 25 people shamelessly dancing are GUARANTEED to brighten your day

I needed this today. (Turn on some music!)

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  • You know what makes life a little more bearable? Dancing. Check out these shameless dancers (actors are people too) and have a GREAT day!


  • Make these dances double-awesome by blasting some of your own music while scrolling. I mean it. Turn some on.

  • 1. Match your music with his feet

  • 2. Cut loose

  • 3. Just get up and try out The Carlton

  • 4. Dancing while driving is legal

  • 5. Let yourself have some fun

  • 6. There's no age limit

  • 7. Just do what moves you

  • 8. Like this guy

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  • 9. Or these guys

  • 10. Because the only opinion about yourself that truly matters ..

  • 11. ... is your own

  • 12. So surprise yourself

  • 13. And surprise others

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  • 14. You're amongst friends

  • 15. Who support you

  • 16. Feel free to dance alone too

  • 17. Pretend no one is watching

  • 18. Even if they are

  • 19. Are you smiling yet?

  • 20. Get steppin'

  • 21. You don't have to be good

  • 22. Just start moving

  • 23. Your problems are smaller than they appear

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  • 24. The world is better than it seems

  • 25. Now go have a great day

  • If this made you crack a smile, spread the goodness and share.

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