There's no way you can get through these 20 unexplainably hilarious cat photos without laughing

Because cats.

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  • You're on the internet - of course you've got to check out the latest cat article. Laugh your head off at these hilarious cats and then go get all that stuff done in the real world you've been putting off.

  • 1. When you forget how to be normal

  • 2. When you realize your fiancé is a dog

  • 3. They make a cute couple

  • 4. Cats used to be much more civilized

  • 5. When you experience snow for the first time

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  • 6. Cats + cacti = photo op

  • 7. It sits like a human

  • 8. Bath time

  • 9. When you see something you wish you hadn't

  • 10. Playing lava tag

  • 11. When your cat melts

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  • 12. When your rib cage suddenly goes missing

  • 13. After you eat way too much

  • 14. "Um ... A little help PLEASE?"

  • 15. This is disturbing

  • 16. This hairless cat has had a rough night

  • 17. And this one is pregnant and not happy

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  • 18. Oh, the irony

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  • 19. Live your dreams

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  • 20. Molten cat

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