18 weirdest fortunes to ever come out of a cookie

Someone in the back room is getting really creative.

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  • Usually fortune cookies are just stuffed with a pithy bit of one-liner wisdom about life. These fortunes are not that. Go grab some Chinese food and enjoy these fortunes:

  • 1. You'd better remember this

  • 2. How did they know?

  • 3. This person got the fortune out without breaking the cookie or opening the bag

  • 4. This is oddly satisfying

  • 5. Brutally honest

  • 6. Well ... OK, yeah ..

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  • 7. Nice marketing ploy

  • 8. Lucky!

  • 9. They get me every time

  • 10. Alrighty then

  • 11. I'll have leftovers

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  • 12. This is golden

  • 13. What are the chances ...

  • 14. I don't think that's a direct quote

  • 15. I really should get around to that

  • 16. This makes my head hurt

  • 17. Well, that's a bummer

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  • 18. Wrap your head around this one

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