20 creative ice cube tray hacks that will blow your mind

Who knew Ice cube trays could be so incredible?

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  • Ice cube trays are incredible. I knew that they were useful before, but these 20 hacks have taken it to the next level!

  • 1. Ice cube tray cheesecake bites

  • If you are craving cheesecake but don't want to kill your diet, this is a great alternative for you. You can freeze normal cheesecake or whatever your heart desires. They are delicious and so easy! Recipe here.

  • 2. Ice cubed herbs

  • Herbs can go to waste so easily. Just pour olive oil and your favorite herbs (oregano, sage, thyme, and rosemary) into an ice cube tray to freeze. Just pop them in a pan when you're ready to cook with them.

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  • 3. Fruit Juice Cubes

  • If you love fruit, be sure to take advantage of this tip! Freeze a slice of your favorite fruit and with some juice. When frozen, add to water or your favorite drink.

  • 4. Coffee ice cubes

  • No one likes to drink the bottom of their iced coffee. It tastes like moldy water. To prevent that awful flavor, pour coffee into the ice cube tray and stick it in the freezer for 3-4 hours! They will prevent the watery flavor that an hour old coffee can bring.

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  • 5. Painting with young ones

  • Painting is made a lot easier with the help of the ice cub tray!

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  • 6. Baby food for days

  • Buying baby food can be expensive. Take some time to make your own, freeze it in the ice cube tray and just thaw it out when you need it!

  • 7. Milk and Cookie cubes

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  • Oh my gosh, this tastes like heaven! Crush your favorite cookies (I suggest oreos) into an ice cube tray and pour in some milk. This can be eaten by itself or added to a cup of milk or coffee.

  • 8. Snack container

  • Why use 27 bowls for every little thing your child wants? Stick them in an ice cube tray instead!

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  • 9. Using the tray as a sushi mold

  • Ice cube trays come in different shapes and sizes, which is great when you want to create different molds for various foods. Rolling homemade sushi isn't the easiest thing, so this is a great alternative.

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  • 10. Chocolate covered strawberry cubes

  • Who doesn't love chocolate covered strawberries? You can eat these straight up or add them to a glass of hot chocolate, chocolate milk or anything else you can dream up.

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  • 11. Air freshener

  • Smelly kitchen? Freeze vinegar, orange slices and fresh herbs together and stick them in the freezer. Pop one in the garbage disposal when it starts to stink.

  • 12. Chocolate cubes

  • Chocolate makes everything better. Melt chocolate, freeze it and add them to your favorite drink!

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  • 13. Tomato sauce and more

  • Do you make homemade tomato sauce, BBQ sauce or ketchup? Freeze leftovers in the trays for easy access later!

  • 14. Small ice pops

  • These were popular years ago and you should bring them back! Freeze fruit and juice in the ice cube trays with a thick toothpick for a tasty popsicle.

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  • 15. Hot chocolate on a stick?

  • Have you ever had frozen hot chocolate? Or frozen chocolate milk? Try it and add marshmallows on the top for a cute dessert the whole family can enjoy.

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  • 16. Cookie dough for 1

  • Some days you just want one cookie but don't want to make a whole batch. Well, plan ahead by makng a batch of cookies and placing the dough into ice cube trays. When you want one cookie, just pop one of the cubes out and bake it!

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  • 17. Easy frozen yogurt

  • Place yogurt in ice cube trays for a yummy frozen yogurt treat!

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  • 18. Jell-O!

  • Use the trays as a mold for small Jell-O cubes. Stick it in the fridge overnight!

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  • 19. Organizing freak?

  • Ice cube trays are great containers to store non-food items, like jewelry or buttons.

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  • 20. Gardening anyone?

  • Put some soil in each compartment and plant you® seeds. This is a great way to start a garden.

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