17 unfortunate times kids epically failed

These are mistakes they'll never make twice, that's for sure!

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  • Some of these poor kids are apparently still working on developing their hand-eye coordination. Others just have rotten luck. We were all kids and have also epically failed, so have a good laugh with them instead of atthem.

  • 1. I don't think that was the effect he was going for

  • 2. Poor kid is so confused

  • 3. That didn't end well

  • 4. A memorable day at the beach

  • 5. Bummer

  • 6. What goes around comes around

  • 7. The adrenaline junkie

  • 8. Three points of contact is more stable anyways

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  • 9. Big brothers ..

  • 10. The double tap

  • 11. Almost made it

  • 12. The first kid fell before it was cool

  • 13. Practice makes perfect

  • 14. That really kills the mood

  • 15. Why do we fall, Bruce?

  • 16. He probably shouldn't be operating heavy machinery

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  • 17. Almost romantic

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