If you ever find a quarter on a gravestone, this is the INCREDIBLE thing it represents

If you find a penny on a soldier's gravestone, DON’T PICK IT UP! Find out why.

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  • Have you ever found yourself walking around a cemetery wondering why there were coins on gravestones? Were you tempted to gather the head-facing coins in hopes to gain a childhood promise of good luck?

  • I used to be the type to pick up every head-facing coin I saw, until now.

  • Coins placed on soldiers' gravestones are a fervent and solemn offering of respect and honor to those who have fallen serving their country. When an individual visiting the cemetery recognizes a name of a fallen soldier, they will place a certain coin on the gravestone to indicate their relationship to that comrade.

  • The following are examples of different coins and their associated meanings.

  • Penny

  • You are offering a sign of gratitude and honor to the soldier for their service and sacrifice for their country.

  • Nickel

  • You are indicating you and the soldier trained at boot camp together.

  • Dime

  • You are paying tribute to a soldier you served with.

  • Quarter

  • You are recognizing and honoring a soldier you were with when they passed away.

  • Leaving coins for fallen service men and women is a beautiful and heartfelt display of appreciation and respect for those that have served our country. It signifies that those who have fought and died for our freedom will never be forgotten.

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