13 cats who don’t care about your personal space

These are literally the best pictures ever!

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  • Your personal space means absolutely nothing to these cats. Take a look!

  • 1. And this happens every morning

  • 2. It's my turn, Bro. Let me show you how it's done

  • 3. My cat did my homework ... I had no choice in the matter

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  • 4. He's just hanging around

  • #cat #catsinwierdplaces #kitten

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  • 5. This spot is just puuuuuurfect

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  • 6. Spoiler alert: The main character dies. Now pay attention to me!

  • 7. Are you comfortable up there, little guy?

  • 8. Not even in the shower can you forget about me

  • 9. Oh, is this not comfortable for you? Don't care

  • 10. Losing ... oxygen ... can't ... breathe ... send ... help

  • 11. I woke up like this

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  • 12. Yahoo! Piggy-back ride!

  • 13. Well, hello there, Beautiful!

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