These 17 painful wedding fails are even going to embarrass YOU

I'm sure they just look back now and laugh ... probably ... maybe ...

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  • You try so hard to make the wedding day so special. You plan, prepare, and rehearse ... but there are some things you can never really anticipate. Enjoy.

  • 1. Wedding 101: Don't lock your knees

  • 2. Why didn't anybody say anything?

  • 3. Never take pictures en mass on a dock

  • 4. Seriously, it ends badly

  • 5. That's one dense cake

  • 6. Nailed the entrance

  • 7. Hopefully this was post-ceremony

  • 8. Yikes, this is awkward

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  • 9. More knee locking

  • 10. This could have gone better

  • 11. Make sure your belt is plenty tight

  • 12. Outdoor weddings are always a risk

  • 13. Especially in a situation like this

  • 14. And make sure the photographer knows how to fly his drone

  • 15. Seriously

  • 16. And set some ground rules with the crazy relatives

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  • 17. Finally, make sure the ring bearer is up to the task

  • What was the funniest thing that happened on your wedding day?

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