25 hilariously relatable eCards that just get you

For when life gets too serious.

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  • 1. We've all been there

  • 2. I'm ready to give my two-weeks notice

  • 3. Clothes just don't fit like they used to

  • 4. What else is there?

  • 5. That part I have down

  • 6. I'm smarter than you're

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  • 7. Try to beat that record

  • 8. This is why friendships last

  • 9. I need a vacation from my post-vacation

  • 10. It's a dangerous game we play

  • 11. Kid games are the best

  • 12. Fridays aren't what they used to be

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  • 13. This is insightful

  • 14. This is too real

  • 15. Time to relax is never relaxing

  • 16. My house is basically the Smithsonian

  • 17. It sneaks up on you sometimes

  • 18. It's the only explanation

  • 19. Every mom understands

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  • 20. The hanger is real

  • 21. Sleep solves everything

  • 22. This is how you know you've arrived

  • 23. It's not cute

  • 24. The struggle is real

  • 25. Alone time should be all the time

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