This woman's INCREDIBLE story will give you chills and convince you to NEVER give up

If you do nothing else today, be sure to watch this.

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  • Becky Paulsen was well on her way to living the life she dreamed of.

  • But her life changed in an instant.

  • Paulsen could have completely given up, but, despite the chilling hardships she went through, she refused to lose hope in accomplishing her dreams—even if it took a little longer to get there.

  • Without warning, a tragic car accident took the lives of Paulsen's boyfriend and roommate and left her severely injured. When life doesn't go as you plan, how do you keep moving forward? In Paulsen's case: an unconquerable spirit and some help from above.

  • Demonstrating an incredible inner strength, Becky managed to put the past behind her. Though the crash made an impact on her grades, she finished her undergraduate studies. One of Paulsen's goals was to go on and receive a higher education, but because of her poor grades, that began to look like a distant dream.

  • It helps to have support from people who look at your life as a whole, not just by quantifiable success. Despite Paulsen's prior grades, BYU gave her a chance, noticing other aspects of her life that qualified her for a graduate degree.

  • Against all odds, Becky Paulsen overcame her circumstances and found a way to achieve her lifelong goal.

  • Sometimes, our hopes and dreams are not fulfilled in the way we expect. Watch Paulsen tell her incredible story, and see for yourself what happens when you refuse to give up hope.

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