12 things women say to strike horror into a man's heart


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  • Women aren't as complicated as you think. If we're angry, we'll let you know. You never need to guess.

  • If you hear any one of these 10 phrases, buckle up, because you are in trouble...

  • 1. "We'll talk about this later."

  • And believe me, you will.

  • 2. "Was there something you wanted to say to me?"

  • You probably need to apologize.

  • 3. "I'm fine."

  • Actually, she's not. That is a lie.

  • 4. "You forgot, didn't you?"

  • Time to go find a beautiful bouquet of roses and some chocoloate.

  • 5. "I don't want to talk about it."

  • She does, just not right now. Let her cool off for a bit.

  • 6. "Nothing is wrong."

  • If it seems like something is bothering her, there is something wrong.

  • 7. "Did you hear what I just said?"

  • If you didn't, then your follow up line should start with, "I'm sorry..."

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  • 8. "How do you feel about our relationship?"

  • Tip: "Good" is not an adequate answer.

  • 9. "I'm not angry, I'm just..."

  • She's angry. You probably figured that out already.

  • 10. "You did what?"

  • You better have a good excuse.

  • 11. "We need to talk."

  • Don't worry, it's probably not as bad as you think it'll be. Eh, nevermind, it is.

  • 12. "It's your choice."

  • This one is a trick. It's not actually your choice. Your choice is to choose her choice.

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