25 of the craziest heels you've ever seen

I'm not sure if these are genius or just dangerous.

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  • I'll admit- I'm a guy. As such, heels are foreign to me. I already think they're terrifying, but then I saw the shoes featured below. Thank you internet.

  • Oh, and I guess some of these are technically "platform shoes," but if a shoe raises any part of the foot more than an inch off the ground I automatically put it in the "heels" group.

  • 1. Do these count as ankle weights?

  • 2. We all have that one friend who would totally wear these

  • 3. These just can't be safe

  • 4. Well, they've got personality

  • 5. For the city

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  • 6. These are probably great for walking through puddles

  • 7. These might require some extremely thick socks

  • 8. What is happening here?

  • 9. Well these are flattering

  • 10. For when you want to feel ten feet tall

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  • 11. Well, you don't see this every day

  • 12. Just because you can doesn't mean you should

  • 13. I don't know if I'm weirded out or impressed

  • 14. Perfect for any occasion

  • 15. Very minimalist, I like it

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  • 16. It's not just a really shiny floor

  • 17. She'd better not step on any toes

  • 18. Your foot goes somewhere in there

  • 19. With a steampunk theme

  • 20. When you can't afford the whole shoe

  • WEIRD !!!! 8)

    A photo posted by Weird Shoes (@weird_shoes) on

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  • 21. I mean, this has to be more comfortable than just the ground, right?

  • 22. Stable enough

  • A photo posted by !!! (@_weird_shoes_) on

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  • 23. Somewhere to put your phone

  • Keep a pet bird in there while your walking

    A photo posted by c.s (@amazing_weird_shoes) on

  • 24. It's pie, enough said

  • Anyone want some pie?

    A photo posted by Crazy Shoes (@crazy_shoes244) on

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  • 25. I hope you can store something inside

  • Awesome boots

    A photo posted by Crazy Shoes!!👠👡👢 (@shoes_of_cool) on

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