This baby fell 30 feet off a freeway bridge - how he survived is incredible

This is the perfect example of the beautiful power of a mother's love.

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  • As Jennifer Duncan was driving her 8-month-old baby boy Daniel to daycare, she never expected an accident quite like this one.

  • The day was expected to be like any other, but a small collision on the freeway changed that. With her smashed vehicle and help on the way, the anxious and distressed mother and son were left stranded on the side of the bridge.

  • Another vehicle pulled over to help shield them from the oncoming traffic but was quickly rear-ended, physically pushing Jennifer and young Daniel off of the bridge.

  • They fell 30 feet to the street below.

  • When emergency responders arrived, they were amazed at what they saw. Little Daniel suffered from not a single injury. When Jennifer fell off the bridge, she created a shield out of her body to protect young Daniel from the impact. The noble decision she made in a matter of microseconds without a doubt saved his life.

  • Although Jennifer survived the fall, she had a lot of internal injuries and a shattered pelvis. She also has to have her leg amputated below the knee.

  • "You know Jennifer is a remarkable young lady, and that she was able to - again whether by instinct or conscious decision - totally forego her own safety to protect that baby is remarkable," shared attorney Jonathan Stark.

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