We bet you can't make it through all 17 of these petrifying spider GIFs without freaking out

I made it through #11 -- and there's no way you're going to beat that.

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  • First of all, I'm sorry for what you're about to go through. Second ... yeah, there's no second thing. Good luck and just ignore that prickly sensation on the back of your neck you're about to get.

  • Make sure you include how far you made it through this post when you share it with your arachnophobic friends.

  • 1. You've got to be kidding me

  • 2. Nope

  • 3. Somebody stop him!

  • 4. This is a bad idea

  • 5. What ... is ... that? ... Oh. OK, bye

  • 6. You already know what's going to happen

  • 7. Well, no more bananas for me

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  • 8. Why would you use your finger?!

  • 9. That is a BLACK WIDOW

  • 10. Always check the seat

  • 11. Time to move

  • 12. This just keeps getting worse

  • 13. OK I get it. K, got it. You can stop now. STOP!

  • 14. Why is it always the bananas?

  • 15. Yep, it happens

  • 16. The black horde of death

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  • 17. So fast, so agile, so terrifying

  • Congratulations, if you made it this far it means you survived. Unfortunately the only reward I can offer you are gloating rights for when you share this with your friends and they can't make it through the list.

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