20 cringe worthy things husbands do to their wives

Are you making your wife love you less and less when you do these 20 things?

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  • Husbands, out of the goodness in your hearts, be careful about how you are treating and talking to your wives.

  • Without being fully aware, you could be performing one of these 20 cringe-worthy and degrading actions that could be destroying your marriage and damaging your wife's self-esteem.

  • 1. Acting like your job is done

  • After the rings have been exchanged and the two words "I do," have been shared, you are not automatically done trying to attract and woo your spouse. Marriage does not mean the game has been won and you do not have to put forth any more effort. It means a new adventure has just begun.

  • 2. Criticizing and belittling the work of your stay-at-home wife

  • Do not fall victim to belittling or degrading the work your spouse performs at home for her family. Her ability to maintain schedules, clean the house, pay the bills and grocery shop all while multiple kids are pulling at her from every side is admirable work.

  • 3. Getting home from work and watching television

  • Your favorite TV show should not be more important than your spouse.

  • 4. "Listening" and having a conversation with your wife while watching TV

  • Men, you are not pro multi-taskers. Listen to your wife.

  • 5. Placing a higher value on work events than your own child's sporting event

  • Placing an optional work dinner above watching your son's baseball game is cringe-worthy.

  • 6. Acting like a man cannot nurture and cuddle his own child

  • Men can and should nurture their children.

  • 7. Allowing your wife to be the bad cop... ALWAYS

  • Take the bad guy role off your wife's hands every once in a while.

  • 8. Faking empathy when your wife vents to you

  • Listen and fully invest in what your wife has to say when she vents to you; she needs your listening ear.

  • 9. Unwilling to show emotions in front of your family and friends

  • If you love your wife and kids, do not be afraid to show them privately and publicly. You do not have to hide all of your emotions all the time.

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  • 10. Running the home like you run your business

  • Your home is not your office and your wife and kids are not your employees. When you come home you are an equal and cannot call every shot like you would at work. Together as a team you must compromise and work out solutions. You do not run the show.

  • 11. Criticizing your wife in front of your kids and neighbors

  • Small comments like, "I wish your mom was better at folding clothes," and "Why can't your mom be more fun?" is offensive and degrading to your wife's self-esteem.

  • 12. Avoiding having difficult conversations with your wife

  • You are married; you are partners in this mad world together. Share your fears, dreams and serious thoughts to create a bond that goes beyond simple and basic emotional support. Your lack of communication is harmful for your relationship.

  • 13. Making large financial purchases without your wife's knowledge

  • You want a new car? Talk to your wife about it first.

  • 14. Looking at women other than your wife

  • Just don't do it.

  • 15. Assuming you know what your wife is thinking and feeling

  • You do not know exactly how your wife feels. Every time you innocently say, "Honey, I know exactly how you feel," catch yourself. You do not know, and it only offends her when you say so.

  • 16. Responding with sarcasm

  • Sarcastic comments taken the wrong way are harmful to your relationship.

  • 17. Talking about your sex life with your guy friends

  • What happens between you and your wife should stay between you and your wife. The disclosure of intimate and private moments is a violation of trust and privacy.

  • 18. Stalking your ex-girlfriends

  • Let the past stay in the past.

  • 19. Allowing your love for 'guy activities' to steal away from your family

  • Golfing, hunting and fishing is fun, but do not allow these 'guy-only' activities to override and become more important than spending time with your family.

  • 20. Expecting your wife to clean and cook all the time

  • Expecting your wife to take care of all of your needs, as well as your families, is demanding and overwhelming. Lend a helping hand and see the positive benefits that can occur.

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