15 autocorrect problems that will make you LOL

Has autocorrect gotten you into trouble? You'll commiserate with these hilarious social media posts.

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  • With the use of smartphones as a major form of communication, namely text messaging, there's been an increase in saying things that were unintended. The main culprit to blame? Autocorrect.

  • Autocorrect is the source of frustration, embarrassment, miscommunications and, mostly everyone's favorite- lots of laughter.

  • Enjoy these autocorrect problems:

  • 1. Well, that escalated quickly

  • 2. "I'll take one courage sandwich and a Dr. Pepper."

  • 3. Autocorrect and its games it plays

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  • 4. When your autocorrect is cooler than you

  • 5. If your food could talk ..

  • 6. When you're tired, but autocorrect is apparently not

  • When #autocorrect fails you #irl

    A photo posted by Echo Stewart (@echokirstens97) on

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  • 7. "Let's take a look at this hysterical example ..."

  • 8. If the Wicked Witch's broom had autocorrect

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  • 9. When you wanna yell, but autocorrect makes you calm down

  • 10. How would you even do that?

  • #autocorrect

    A photo posted by One Track Minded. (@davey_rockett) on

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  • 11. When you don't know if your friends really have no idea, or if it's autocorrect

  • 12. If you're lucky enough to double check anyway

  • Double tap if this is true for you! #uriageaustralia #french #skincare #waterforskin

    A photo posted by Uriage Australia (@uriageaustralia) on

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  • 13. When you can't say what you mean to say

  • 14. Seems like karma is calling ..

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  • 15... . and calling again

  • #lol #funny #autocorrect #autocorrectfail #flabin2fab

    A photo posted by Bill Coen (@wcoen) on

  • Isn't this a good warning to double check before you hit send?

  • Have you had autocorrect lead to fights? Or uncomfortable moments? How about lots of laughing? Hopefully more laughing than anything else!

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