14 fictional worlds you wish you could live in

Magic and adventure? Count me in.

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  • 1. Neverland

  • Who wouldn't want to fly to a magical land where you never have to become an adult? Neverland has it all. Magic, adventure, mermaids, fairies, pirates and, of course, Peter Pan.

  • 2. Middle-Earth

  • Admit it. You have always wanted to have a hobbit hole. Middle-Earth would be an amazing world to live in. There are the beautiful ruins and enchanted forests. But I would recommend moving there after the One Ring has been destroyed.

  • 3. Wonderland

  • Wonderland is cloaked in mystery, and that is what continues to captivate us. You would never be bored if you lived in Wonderland. Just when you think you've seen it all, something even more strange and enticing shows up.

  • 4. Hogwarts

  • The most magical and fantastic castle in the world. Endless feasts, Quidditch, invisibility cloaks, adventure around every corner? It's such a shame I was born a muggle.

  • 5. Narnia

  • Any magical world that can be found in your closet is one worth visiting.

  • 6. Whoville

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  • A charming yet tiny town upon a snowflake. Fragile, but glorious.

  • 7. The Land of Oz

  • "Lions and tigers and bears! Oh, my!" Watch out for the flying monkeys as well.

  • 8. Halloween Town

  • A mystical village that celebrates the excitement and spookiness of Halloween all 365 days of the year. Jack Skellington would make an excellent neighbor.

  • 9. The Hundred Acre Wood

  • You could relax in nature with the cutest characters of all time. Pure bliss.

  • 10. Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory

  • There is a river made entirely of chocolate. What more can you ask for?

  • 11. Star Wars Galaxy

  • Light sabers, space travel and adorable droids to talk to. The galaxy far, far away has an endless amount of perks.

  • 12. Pemberley

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  • Mr. Darcy's gigantic estate. I could wander around there for hours.

  • 13. Jurassic Park

  • Who doesn't love dinosaurs? Just make sure you visit when the electric fences haven't been breached.

  • 14. Isle of Berk

  • Riding on a dragon? Count me in.

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