20 hilarious times construction projects didn't go as planned

These hysterical pictures give the phrase "begin with the end in mind" a whole new meaning.

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  • Sometimes you need more than a "general idea" of how you want a project to look. Check out these pictures of people who definitely didn't get things right the first time:

  • 1. Close enough, right?

  • 2. Challenge accepted

  • 3. It'll be fiiine, honey

  • 4. This ... will be fine too

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  • 5. We'll deal with it when the time comes

  • 6. At least it's not in the middle of the road

  • 7. Well, it's up to code

  • 8. Must be a parkour training facility

  • 9. The attic gets a lot of traffic

  • 10. Maybe it could be a headrest

  • 11. No one goes in, no one comes out

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  • 12. They're just ... speed bumps

  • 13. The grand opening is next week

  • 14. I'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation for this

  • 15. This could get awkward

  • 16. We might need to invest in a motorcycle

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  • 17. Should have went with Helvetica

  • 18. Out of all the parking spots, you had to pick this one

  • 19. It... adds character

  • 20. Billy, you can clear it if you go fast enough

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