14 hilarious truths only people who have experienced summer can understand

You can probably relate to basically all of these.

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  • Everyone looks forward to summer — a time for outside fun, reunions and vacations.

  • Sounds fun, right? But, then reality joins your fun and you're left with some #summertimeproblems.

  • Here are a few you may be able to relate to:

  • 1. All day. Every day

  • 2. When it's just too hot

  • 3. When you may have slept in, but ..

  • 4. Fair skin problems

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  • 5. Just stocked up on fans for the summer

  • #storyofmylife my best friend is a fan #takemymoney #summertimeproblems

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  • 6. You look forward to being outside in the sun, but the only real place you want to be involves air conditioning

  • 7. Allergies, anyone?

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  • 8. You basically have no idea what day it is

  • 9. Metal in the car becomes very dangerous

  • #summertimeproblems

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  • 10. When the sun stays up past your bedtime

  • #summertimeproblems #ilovejbf

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  • 11. When it's time to wear bathing suits

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  • 12. Flies are nature's idea of torture

  • #true #truth #ctfu #lol #facts #summertimeproblems

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  • 13. Chair sweat is no respecter of persons

  • 14. Food is so good

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  • Have a great summer!

  • What are your summer plans?

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