10 thoughts on getting toxic people out of your life

Do you have any of these kinds of people in your life?

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  • People are pretty much the best - and worst - part of life. We've all found ourselves in toxic relationships, either with friends, family or romantic partners.

  • If you're in a toxic relationship, escape. Now.

  • 1. Let them go (far, far away)

  • 2. Toxic people like to blame everyone but themselves

  • 3. When a toxic person is trying to start a fight, it's best to ignore them

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  • 4. Haters gonna hate, but don't let them take you with them

  • 5. Deny the drama from getting to you

  • 6. This is the difference between good and toxic people

  • 7. Sometimes, getting out and enjoying nature alone is the safest option

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  • 8. You can't avoid all toxic people, but you can minimize your interactions with them

  • 9. Sound familiar?

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  • 10. The key to happiness is a good detox

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  • If a relationship doesn't lift you, make you happy, build you up and make you happy, you may want to think about ending it before it hurts you further.

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