15 things only people who deeply love someone will understand

Love can be exciting, scary, intense and funny. Share your love.

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  • Love can take on many forms - family, friendship and romance.

  • Check out these true thoughts on love.

  • 1. First kisses are exciting ... and often awkward

  • 2. Love doesn't end

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  • 3. Love is best when it happens naturally

  • 4. Sometimes love is, well, scary

  • 5. Love is messy

  • 6. The little things make love infatuating and enduring

  • 7. Small moments turn into lasting memories

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  • 8. Love and like don't always go hand in hand

  • 9. Family = love

  • 10. True love involves a lot more than romance

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  • 11. Love is the best kind of crazy

  • 12. Love is out of this world

  • 13. Happiness is falling in love with the same person again and again

  • 14. When you love someone, every day isn't too much ..

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  • 15. ... and neither is all the time

  • Tell that important person how much you love them today. And tomorrow. Make sure they know it every day.

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