11 signs you are turning into your mother

It's bound to happen. Here are some signs it already is.

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  • From the beginning of our lives, mothers taught us right from wrong and helped us grow. They may lecture, nag, repeat themselves and maybe annoy us; but they do it out of love.

  • As you have grown, you've heard the words, "You are so much like your mother," but you don't believe it.

  • Here are 11 signs that can assure you that those comments are true and you are actually turning into your mother.

  • 1. You forget your kids' names

  • You hated when your mom would say the names of your other siblings when trying to talk to you; but now you do it on the daily.

  • 2. You refuse to waste anything

  • Whether it is the leftover peas on little Sophie's plate, or a burnt casserole you made from a Pinterest recipe that backfired, you will not throw it out. Every penny is precious!

  • 3. You chat with the check-out clerks

  • Your mother was always respectful to — and chatty with — grocery store employees. As you leave the grocery store as a mother now, you notice you do the exact same thing.

  • 4. Your body resembles hers

  • As you look in the mirror, for a split second you see your mom ... creepy!

  • 5. Your closets are identical

  • You shop at the same stores she did, have the same up-do, and you have even accidentally matched on occasion. You. Are. Your. Mother.

  • 6. You sound like her

  • When you call your children from across the room and hear your voice echo back, you realize you just used the phrase she used to use on you.

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  • 7. You are a coupon queen

  • Toilet paper, cereal, vitamins — it doesn't matter what it is, you just refuse to pay full price. Cutting coupons is a weekly occurrence and you get all giddy when you save a buck!

  • 8. You have a bed time

  • It's 9:00 p.m. and all you can think about is your cozy bed calling your name. This is what it feels like to grow up?

  • 9. You stock up on free stuff

  • The sugars, creamers, ketchup packets and napkins at restaurants don't have a limit, and you take that very literally. Your car is likely jam-packed with napkins for those "just in case" moments.

  • 10. You cry at basically everything on TV

  • There is no explanation. A commercial comes on and you just lose it.

  • 11. You find yourself agreeing with the parents in your favorite movies

  • As a teenager you totally thought the parents in movies were lame and never listened ... now you have done a complete 180.

  • But no matter how crazy she makes you, there's no one else you'd rather be like.

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