23 hilarious times Pinterest projects didn't quite turn out like the picture

How is it even possible to fail this hard?

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  • Remember that Pinterest project you tried out that didn't exactly turn out how it looked in the picture? Well, hopefully these complete and utter Pinterest fails will make you feel a little better about yourself. You're not alone.

  • 1. Practice makes perfect

  • 2. Maybe just his weird cousin

  • 3. Probably used the wrong soda bottle

  • 4. Art is in the eye of the beholder

  • 5. There comes a time when you just have to cut your losses

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  • 6. What... is that?

  • 7. In theory, this should be perfect

  • 8. Well... it's the thought that counts

  • 9. I like cake more, anyways

  • 10. Cozy

  • 11. Real fast food is usually similarly disappointing

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  • 12. The face of defeat

  • Ohh the magical 🔮 world of Pinterest can be so lovely, but I do love me some #pinterestfails

    A photo posted by Stefanie Amyot (@stef_amyot) on

  • 13. It'll grow back

  • Expectation v. Reality #Pinterest #pinterestfail 👍

    A photo posted by georgiiiiix (@georgiiiiix) on

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  • 14. Hey, nobody is perfect

  • #pinterestfail

    A photo posted by Cathy Schoon (@cathyschooner) on

  • 15. That's one ineffective vampire

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  • 16. Somebody was a little overzealous

  • 17. It's cute... enough

  • 18. And they came so close, too

  • 19. His greatest fan

  • 20. Still totally edible

  • 21. It's just... playing dead

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  • 22. That'll be easy to clean up

  • 23. This is terrifying

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