21 hilarious gifs you'll only understand if you're CHRONICALLY single and looking

A gif for every dating frustration you've ever felt.

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  • Being single is bittersweet. Hopefully these gifs make the bitter just a little more sweet. Enjoy!

  • When people ask you why you're still single

  • And then they say there's plenty of fish in the sea

  • Everyone else is getting married and having babies. Meanwhile..

  • And your secret crush is cute but you look like a tree stump

  • And you bomb every first date you go on

  • So he/she suddenly just has "a lot of stuff to do"

  • And the only people interested in you, you're not interested in

  • When you walk by your roommate and his significant other

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  • Or when you see any PDA ever

  • When they say yes to a date but then say they're not looking for anything serious

  • And then he/she is engaged a month later

  • And you have no idea what you're doing wrong

  • So you're taking it "extremely well"

  • You turn to Tinder for the 53rd time

  • and then remember why you deleted it

  • and you turn to pizza instead

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  • Eventually you learn how to be comfortable with just yourself for company

  • And it's awesome

  • Comment below with any single life problems I missed!

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