18 hilarious (and slightly painful) relationship texts you have to see

These are just too funny.

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  • Texting your significant other (or that overeager friend) has never been more hilariously real.

  • 1. Coming clean

  • 2. Somebody gets hangry

  • Definitely me in a relationship😂👏

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  • 3. Dad's got your back

  • 4. At least he replied

  • lololol

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  • 5. When you know each other too well

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  • 6. Good effort

  • 7. Well that's unfortunate

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  • 8. Poor Jared

  • 9. Nice try

  • 10. My heart ...

  • Awkward

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  • 11. Never assume

  • 12. The girl likes cars

  • dixon ticonderoga? where can I get one

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  • 13. This person doesn't take "no" for an answer

  • #boyfriend #lol #funny #break #up #itsover #picoftheday #followme #followforfollow

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  • 14. Too good to be true

  • 15. "What did I do wrong?"

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  • 16. Interpretation is everything

  • Sorry guys I won't be posting very much because I'm on vacation in Alabama with my family. #okay #funny #texts

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  • 17. Welcome to the friendzone

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  • 18. Bruce?

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