18 times translations went horribly (and hysterically) wrong

They gave it their best shot. That's what matters.

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  • When it comes to translations, you might need to refer to something more accurate than Google or your friend who took two years of a language back in the day. Check out these hilarious photos of when things got a little lost in translation:

  • 1. Watch out

  • 2. Gesundheit

  • 3. Come again?

  • 4. Just like Mom used to make

  • 5. Thanks for the suggestion

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  • 6. My sentiments exactly

  • 7. The most uplifting mistake I've ever seen

  • 8. Maybe it's a right of passage?

  • 9. Plants have feelings, too

  • 10. Noted

  • 11. Just the product I've been missing

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  • 12. Excuse me; is the meat-fried cat ear gluten free?

  • 13. I'll keep my eyes open

  • 14. I've been wondering where to put this stuff

  • 15. Well said

  • 16. Jimmy, you forgot to turn the smallpox off again

  • 17. The lettuce strikes again

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  • 18. At least they're trying to reduce food waste

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