24 things that remind you of your ex and kill your happiness

Getting over your ex is harder than you think, especially when really simple things remind you of them.

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  • It's a cold summer night. Rain bangs against the window pane. You tilt your head up and lightning flashes. You notice your reflection for a second, along with every living memory of the past, including your ex.

  • It's fairly possible you won't move on from your ex quickly. Recent research says it can take anywhere from three months (or 11 weeks) to fully get over your former love.

  • The road to ex-recovery is paved with many speed bumps, like getting over emotions and pieces of remembrance. Here are 24 feelings you definitely will go through when you're still into your ex, even when you don't want to be.

  • 1. Every radio song reminds you of them

  • 2. Your office desk is littered with their memorabilia

  • 3. When you go to a sports game, you can't help but be reminded of past similar dates

  • 4. Walking through the mall reminds you of the money you spent on them

  • 5. A whiff of their perfume makes you time travel back to your first date

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  • 6. You neglect to look at your bank statements because of how much you spent on them

  • 7. You don't eat at Jimmy John's, Taco Bell or Olive Garden because those joints were your Friday night date spots.

  • 8. Someone else's laugh reminds you of them

  • 9. Another person's blink reminds you of them

  • 10. You're still single and don't have the strength to start dating again

  • 11. You are going through a stressful situation, need someone to text and only think of them.

  • 12. You unfriend them on Facebook

  • 13. You message them on Facebook

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  • 14. You friend them again on Facebook

  • 15. You message them about unfriending them on Facebook

  • 16. Your stomach drops when they post a social media update of another fling

  • 17. You don't dare check their Snapchat

  • 18. You're always stealthily checking their Instagram

  • 19. You slide into your DMs, hoping there's a message from them

  • 20. They're the only person you think of when your phone buzzes

  • 21. You haven't forgotten their words that broke your heart

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  • 22. When an actress or actor looks like your ex, you avoid their movies

  • 23. Your relationship song gets way too much airtime

  • 24. You think you'll never get over them

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