5 things to tell your friends after you go through a breakup

Breaking up is hard to do. But it can be made easier when you let the people who care about you most know what you need.

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  • Going through a breakup can be rough on anyone. But things can be made easier by knowing what to say when your girlfriends ask you those inevitable questions. Instead of giving the dirty details on the demise of your romance, these are 5 great things you can say to your girls to help everyone move forward with their newly single friend.

  • 1. "It's better this way"

  • It may feel impossible but try not to bash your ex-beau. Whether you made the decision to leave, or he skipped out without so much as a goodbye, come to understand things are better as they are. If he didn't show you love and care or suddenly changed his mind about being with you, you are ultimately in a better place without him. If your feelings faded and you found yourself wondering what you were missing on the single side, it was only fair to both of you to move on.

  • 2. "I need some time to myself"

  • Not every gal wants to be surrounded when she's dealing with her emotions. Some crave silence and isolation and use this precious time alone to process their feelings before speaking on them. If you need peace and quiet for a few weeks don't be afraid to ask for it.

  • 3. "I need support"

  • On the other hand, many ladies need the love and support of their girlfriends to get them through a rough patch. Feelings of rejection and loneliness can be eased when you're surrounded by people who love and respect you. If you want to talk about it and need to get things off your chest sooner rather than later, speak up and speak out.

  • 4. "Let's make new memories"

  • Sometimes the best way to get over the past is to create a new history. Going out with family and old friends, or even making some new ones, can help replace the picture you and your former flame created. Spend time in familiar places with good people, or going on adventures and taking on new journeys to forge the new path in your life.

  • 5. "I'm available"

  • If you're so over what happened and so ready to find out what's happening now, let your girlfriends know you are available and looking. Your friends and family know you better than anyone so they could be a great asset in creating a better and more balanced romance moving forward. Let them know what you want so they can put their feelers out for you.

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  • The aftermath of splitting up can be painful and confusing. But learning to navigate newfound singlehood can be made easier by knowing what to tell the people who care about you. If you need something ask for it. The people who care about you will step up and help you go forward.

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