20 perfectly timed photos of unexpected misfortunes

Those moments when you just whimper to the sky, "why me?" but then laugh about them next week.

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  • 1. That's going to end badly

  • 2. Enjoy the miracle of flight while you can

  • 3. We can all relate to this

  • 4. Gary the stealthy goat strikes again

  • 5. This girl is on fire

  • 6. Now that's cold

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  • 7. Science can hurt sometimes

  • 8. At least it's not pepper spray

  • 9. Happy birthday to the grooound

  • 10. At least he's wearing a life jacket

  • 11. And at least he's wearing a helmet

  • 12. She's gonna be sore tomorrow

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  • 13. "Who put this pole here?!"

  • 14. "This is the happiest day of my li-aaaaaargh!"

  • 15. Nailed it

  • 16. That stings

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  • 17. Well, he's not biting the hand that feeds him

  • Don't you steal Maya's frisbee😂. #funny #timing #funnypics #funnypictures

    A photo posted by Perfectly Timed Photos (@funny_timings) on

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  • 18. His face is absolutely priceless

  • 19. Those darn seagulls

  • 20. That's going to leave a mark

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