11 things you should absolutely avoid on your wedding day

Please, for the sake of humanity, don't make these part of your wedding day.

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  • Every girl has fantasized for hours about her dream wedding, wanting nothing more than the picture-perfect day. However, some things just don't go as planned.

  • Here's some advice from the well-seasoned. Avoid the following on your wedding day ... at all costs.

  • Taking pictures on a dock

  • Petting strange animals in your wedding dress

  • Having tooooo long of a ceremony

  • Wind. Enough said.

  • Having photo shoot catastrophes

  • Allowing your new hubby to try a new trick

  • Having stairs as part of your ceremonial walk

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  • Including a drink tower at the reception

  • Starting your wedding night like this

  • Dooming all your bridesmaids to singledom

  • And, um ...

  • Ending your wedding this way

  • There are many more positive ways to make your special day memorable, so just leave these out.

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