These 19 terrifying photos show exactly why women live longer than men

Get ready to cringe.

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  • I am a man; and yes, sometimes our ideas are questionable; but if we survive, we sure get a good laugh out of 'em.

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  • 1. I bet he regrets hiding the spare key up there

  • 2. As long as the job gets done

  • 3. Just don't look down, Rob

  • 4. Gotta give him credit for problem solving

  • 5. How does he get the sides?

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  • 6. It's just a glorified housecat

  • 7. A representation of the unconquerable spirit

  • 8. I hope that tree falls in the right direction

  • 9. There's probably a big pile of pillows down there ... right?

  • 10. Kudos for teamwork

  • 11. That smudge must have been driving him crazy

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  • 12. What is it with men and ladders?

  • 13. I mean, seriously

  • 14. Great view, though

  • Because just standing that close to the edge wasnt dangerous enough

    A photo posted by WHY WOMEN LIVE LONGER THAN MEN (@whywomenlivelongerthanmen) on

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  • 15. Don't worry, ma'am; they're professionals

  • 16. Let's hope those tanks are empty

  • 17. It's just going to come down to who weighs more

  • 18. I'm not sure how this is possible

  • 19. That could be a long drop

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