How to celebrate National Dance Day [VIDEO]

July 27 is National Dance Day. This is the perfect day to instill a love of music and dance in your children’s lives.

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  • Dancing is not only an excellent form of exercise it also helps improve balance and coordination. Plus, it is a fun activity that anyone can do no matter their age. July 27 is National Dance Day. This is the perfect day to instill a love of music and dance in your children’s lives. There are dozens of activities you can do to celebrate this obscure holiday. Here are just a few suggestions that you and your children may enjoy.

  • 1. Freestyle dance

  • Sometimes the best way to have fun and enjoy yourself is to let loose. Turn on a variety of music and let your children get groovy. Expose your children to all types of genres and dancing. Let them use their creativity to create dance moves. Make sure to praise them for their dancing skills.

  • 2. Choreograph a dance

  • Spend time with your children and choreograph a dance. With a combination of dance moves from yourself and each of your children, create a fun dance that you can perform for other family members. The dance can be a silly or serious performance. Just let your children create a fun performance they will be proud of.

  • 3. Dancing Freeze

  • Dancing Freeze is a fun game for younger children. One person is “It” and stands in front of everyone. Play some music, and then suddenly stop it. While the music is playing, the children dance while the person who is “It” observes. When the music stops, the children must immediately freeze. The person who is “It” chooses the person frozen in the best dancing position, and that person then becomes the new “It.”

  • 4. Create-a-dance cards

  • Let a group of cards choreograph a dance for your children. To play this game, create a stack of cards that contain a variety of movements such as jump, turn around, leap, fall to the floor, etc. Then let each child take a turn drawing a card. They place the cards in a line, according to the order they drew them. Then turn on the music and let your children dance according to their cards. You can keep shuffling the cards and create dance after dance.

  • 5. Learn a line dance

  • Older children can celebrate National Dance Day by learning a line dance. There is a variety of line dances for different genres of music. You can learn a country line dance, the Electric Slide, Cha Cha Slide, Chicken Dance, Macarena and more. And your teacher is right at your fingertips. You will find dozens of instructional videos on YouTube.

  • 6. Prop dance

  • Celebrate National Dance Day by letting your children create a prop dance. Place a variety of props in a large box. Let your children choose one or two props and assign them a song. Give them 10 to 15 minutes to create a dance to the song using the chosen props. This is an excellent way for your children to use their creativity and it can end with lots of laughs.

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  • Let your children get their groove on with the above suggestions. Dancing can be a great stress relief and excellent physical and mental exercise. Put on some music, wear some comfy clothes and spend the day dancing.

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