18 hilarious visual puns that are too clever not to see

You've got to admit -- these are pretty clever.

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  • 1. The system is a bit sluggish

  • Why is it so slow? Repost from @kapowder #punsforyou #puns #lol #funny #snail #snailmail

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  • 2. I'll admit — it's cheesy

  • This puns a bit cheesy even for me! #pun #puns #punny #funny #punpunpun #punsfodays

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  • 3. Somebody get the hare net

  • Excuse me

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  • 4. Dishing out puns

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  • 5. At least it's not board

  • Woodnt be nice if it was summer already

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  • 6. When you're vegetarian but you miss bacon

  • Idk about the eggs, but here's the green ham.

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  • 7. Sparks are bound to fly with at least one of them

  • 8. This one has me rollin'

  • 9. London Bridge is on its way too

  • 😂

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  • 10. There's room on that counter for both of them

  • 11. And a roll on a napkin

  • 12. He must have broken his legs

  • 13. You'd better lettuce check

  • 14. They say I'm not ripe for you, but I'll still ketchup

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  • 15. It's better than regular rap water

  • 16. That's not as humerus as it could have been

  • #pun #puns

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  • 17. At least he got to keep his own case

  • A photo posted by @awesome__puns on

  • 18. Maybe All can Gain some Xtra sales now

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